Nets are held on Tuesday at 8:30 P.M. on 147.315 No PL and Thursday night at 8:30 P.M. on 146.625 PL 123.0 



Welcome to the Buffalo County A.R.E.S. Web page



 KCWZL 145.235 - PL 123.0       Kearney Link PL 100.0

         WKY 146.625 - PL 123.0

         NVL 146.315 No PL linked system






Emergency Coordinator: Jan Parker

Assistant Emergency Coordinator: Eddy Baer

Assistant Emergency Coordinator: Pat Kistler

Assistant Emergency Coordinator: Lynn Miller




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The Amateur Radio Emergency Service (A.R.E.S.) is committed to helping the surrounding communities.

We assist the community with:

* Weather monitoring            * Traffic control for area police and fire calls

* Transmitting information        * Working with local groups.



We're based in Buffalo County, Kearney, Nebraska. If you would like to be an A.R.E.S. member, please contact the Emergency Coordinator at or one of the Asst. Emergency Coordinators listed on the membership page.


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